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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching is about you becoming more of you. The premise is that you already have the answers. The task of the coach is to bring your own wisdom to the surface. Everyone's journey is unique and what is "right" for one person is not necessarily right for the next. Also, as you grow, you will find that different things work for you - which makes it a wonderful adventure of discovery.


We take the trek together to uncover your diamond within. Together, we identify the goals that you want to achieve – whether they be about resolving emotional blocks, overcoming traumas, creating more harmony in your life, or improving your health, etc. 

The power of spiritual coaching is that the most important aspect of you - your spirit is the guiding light of the session. To make true and fundamental change, we cannot ignore the biggest part of who we are – spirit. This means we can go into your deepest levels to retrieve the treasures that can anchor the positive changes in your life.


Sessions are one hour and done over Zoom if not local. Fee: $75 per session



''Right in the middle of my spiritual crisis and major life transitions, I was extremely fortunate and blessed to have Caylen along the journey as my coach. Her wisdom, harmony and deep understanding of life helped me to better find my way towards consciousness and inner peace.
I definitely recommend Caylen and to get in touch with her. ''  FM, Sweden

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