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Caylen Hartwell

What drives me is my passion to help others.


Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed helping others. There is a great satisfaction that comes from witnessing a person gain hope and optimism - qualities that pave the way to creating confidence, courage and self-empowerment. A good reason to become a teacher!


A truly significant experience in my life was to be an exchange student in France. This opened up my life in a big way. For one thing, it showed me that dreams could come true! There was a whole world to explore with fascinating cultures, languages and customs. Most importantly though, this journey taught me much about myself and ignited a desire to foster understanding between people of different cultures. In later years I became involved in interfaith activities connecting people of different religious backgrounds.

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Eventually, hidden memories of childhood trauma surfaced. This embarked me on a voyage that was to send me deep inside. The beginning of the adventure was fraught with fear. As the fear of being afraid was sufficiently challenged I was able to journey into other aspects of myself with utter fascination. Finally, after spending much time in the lands of fear and sadness, the lands of joy and love appeared on the itinerary where I now spend most of my time. This inner odyssey proved to be more extraordinary than any worldly trip. Having to face the unimaginable brought me to another level of understanding of the human condition and of the resilience of the human spirit.


My personal healing from trauma opened my awareness of the significance of the ultimate connection – of the self to the Self.  This, in my view, is the Holy Grail that affects all other connections in a powerfully positive way.



My most meaningful training comes from my life experiences. A personal journey through difficult situations coupled with a hunger to transform them into something powerful led to encounters with amazing healers and teachers. The zeal to heal guided me to many workshops and trainings. Being on the other side of the experience – receiving the healing and instruction, I know what it feels like to face and overcome difficult challenges. This enables me to hold a compassionate space and to listen at a deeper level.

A host of books became my friendly guidance and support over the years. From time to time, I will recommend one of these gems when the situation merits it.

Formally, I am a certified teacher and have taken psychology courses. For inspiration, I attended UPW (Unleash the Power Within), Dallas - a Tony Robbins event. Most significantly, my foundational training is from attending workshops by Derek O'Neill in Ireland. His work has supported and inspired me since 2010.

Being a self-directed learner, my "training" is continuous. I especially learn from my clients, whose wisdom I treasure! There is no end to the information and resources!

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