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Welcome to Positive Shifting. 

Where every positive shift leaves one feeling lighter and freer. 


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Located in United States

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We live in extraordinary times, which can be exhilarating, daunting or confusing - or all of those at once! People are experiencing challenges that they may not feel prepared for and could use support and help with steadying the course. Some have had deep trauma, while others simply want to make their life easier. We all have one thing in common - the yearning for a better way of being in the world and to create the shift necessary for our vision to be realized. 



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Caylen offers spiritual coaching to those who desire to access their own inner core for self direction and empowerment. We each have the ability to tap into our own wisdom, but life experiences can sometimes kick us offline. Having someone who can listen to you deeply can shine the light in the dark so you can see what you have had all along. You can build your self confidence and therefore your true power.

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